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Life Transitions

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Mood and Anxiety Disorders


Kim Olson, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist, in private practice since 1995, providing counseling services to adolescents, young adults, and families. She specializes in working with individuals going through relationship or family struggles, mood and anxiety disorders, life transitions, parenting, women’s issues and stress.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, or having difficulty managing stress because of struggles, mood, anxiety or going through a transition in your life, professional therapy and counseling could be a very powerful tool to help you find a solution. It helps you look at your situation more objectively, and can help you find new solutions to old problems. Professional counseling provides an “outsiders” view of your difficulty, and can point out things you’ve never thought of. Therapy is not a “magic bullet”, but can be a forum for you to learn more effective ways to deal with situations.